Cover art by John Mark Herskind

Cover art by John Mark Herskind

Album drops world-wide June 2nd, 2015!  Here's what the press has been saying about it so far:

"Into The Further is brilliant...timeless."
-Static Magazine

"Folk rock masterpiece"

"Matthew Santos is just at the surface and ready to break."
-Scallywag Magazine 

“In-cre-di-ble is the best way to describe Matthew Santos and his band. The vocals, music, songwriting, and melody arrangements are all the works of a pure genius…”
-IAE Magazine

"...real talent, soul and artistry.  The album is extremely well crafted."

"utterly mesmerizing" 

"lovely and inviting"

"These tracks are more than soulful...they are life enriching."

"spine tingling, soul wrenching vocals"
-Vents Magazine

"The best part about Into The Further is that Santos never concedes depth for catchy."

Some more Into The Further themed literature:  
  • The album title Into the Further is an open ended reference to striving to achieve the next level in our personal, creative, and collective endeavors, while encouraging an active exploration of the unknown. Into the Further is essentially about embracing and adapting to change
  • In the spirit of embracing change, many of the songs on the record have already evolved and grown beyond the recorded versions, and continue to morph with every live performance, never played the same way twice.  This is the spirit of Into the Further—an emphasis on organic evolution, and the live performance and expression of said evolution.  


  • Album was initially meant to be a solo, acoustic, live in-studio record to exemplify the one-man-band setup usually used while touring, and was not intended to be a commercial effort.  


  • In the spirit of the initial concept of a live in studio album, almost the entire record was still recorded live, acoustically, with the band and little to no post tracking or production in order to preserve the raw magic and spontaneity of a live performance.  The addition of strings and brass expansions were recorded months later.   


  • Critically acclaimed, Chicago-based composer Matt Ulery arranged all string and brass parts for the record.



  • Both Emma Dayhuff (bass) and Jon Deitemyer (drums) have extensive backgrounds in jazz and lend their strong improvisational chops to each live set.  
  • Longtime friend and collaborator Aviva Jaye was able to make an appearance on the record as luckily she was in town from NYC during one of the earlier recording sessions, gracing the album with her beautiful and tasty vocals.  
  • The single “Seven Years” was inspired by a lucid dream that ironically became a wakeup call-to-action as a clear message to “seize the day” and “stop wasting precious time”. The song went through many changes until it was finally recorded live in three takes, at eight minutes long.  It was later turned into two separate yet seamless movements entitled “Seven Years” and “It All Works Out”.  


  • Like the previous 2012 effort Quickly Disappearing, Into the Further has strong suggestive themes of environmental issues in songs such as "White Gloves" which visits our modern disconnect with the natural world; and "End of the Pipeline" that suggests our current, unsustainable model of fossil fuel based society has become too invasive and harmful to the environment and to the politics that govern the policies we abide by--essentially stating the fact that we don't need to continue to subscribe to this destructive and toxic, greed-based way of life, as there are other options immediately available to us.  


  • Into the Further is Matthew Santos’ sixth studio album, and third collaboration with Indie label Candy Rat Records following  Matter’s of the Bittersweet (2007) and Quickly Disappearing (2012). 

Cover photo by Roxy De La Torre